Brendan Monahan

Photo by Colin Lubinski of Red Beard Photography

Photo by Colin Lubinski of Red Beard Photography

Brendan Monahan is a Philadelphia based musician, songwriter, engineer, producer and a member of Darla Hood Productions. Raised in Havertown, PA, just a few miles outside of Philadelphia, he was the general manager and music director for one of the nations oldest FM radio stations Haverford High School’s WHHS 99.9. Through this he gained knowledge of audio engineering and has worked on many records created in both professional studios and basement recording set ups. He has worked with Range Studios, Drexel’s Mad Dragon Studios, and also WHHS’s own recording studio. Since coming to Drexel and becoming part of the Darla Hood Production’s team he has become a member of Darla, The Folded Faces, and Heads on Sticks as a guitar player, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. 

Kelley Plante- EP TBA- Guitar- 2015

Jake Held- TBA - Guitar- 2015

Heads On Sticks- EP TBA- Composer/Guitar/Vocals - 2014/2015

Darla- Darla Forever- Guitar- 2014/2015

Dan Hagendorf- TBA- Engineer/Producer- 2014

The Folded Faces- Seedling- Guitar- 2014 

Chronicle Of Sound: 2014- “Tea With Me”- Composer/Guitar/Vocals

Darla- Movies, Movies, Movies- Guitar- 2014 

The Ish- Self Titled- Composer/Guitar/Vocals/Engineer-2012/2013