Kosta Johnson

Photo by Mars MacMurchy

Photo by Mars MacMurchy


Kosta Johnson is a Philadelphia based producer and recording engineer.  While attending Drexel University he founded Darla Hood Productions with a number of talented Philadelphia area engineers and musicians, in order to bring all aspects of record production under one umbrella.  With house band Darla, “DHP” has recorded and performed live for singer-songwriters Josh Miller and Sophie Coran as well as worked in studio for Philly band Cosmonaut Suits and NY singer-songwriter Seb Isaac.  Outside of DHP, Kosta serves as Chief engineer for Grammy nominated producer/keyboardist Dana Sorey (C Bazz Entertainment) as well as Chief Engineer for Grammy award winning producer Aaron Levinson (Range Recording Studios). With Sorey, Kosta has worked on Gospel Billboard chart topping records for Maranda Curtis (The Maranda Experience) and Anthony Brown (A Long Way From Sunday) as well as UK breakout performer Juanita Francis (I’ve Got My Wings).  When not recording, Kosta plays keyboards and performs in Philly and around the Northeast with the progressive-funk instrumental outfit Darla.

Credits: Producer, Engineer, Mix


"Open Heaven: The Maranda Experience" by Maranda Curtis - E [Fair Trade Services]
"The Answer" by Jason Nelson - E [RCA Inspirational]
"Just Listen" by LEXI - E  [Capitol Christian Music Group]


"A Long Way From Sunday" by Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy - E [Fair Trade Services]
"The Maranda Experience Vol. 1" by Maranda Curtis - E
"I've Got My Wings" EP by Juanita Francis - E
"All That Matters (Single)" by Sophie Coran - E M
"Jimmy (Single)" by Sophie Coran - E M
"I Am AnG White" by AnG White - E [C Bazz Entertainment]
"I Am (Single)" by Ashle Renee - E


"Darla Rolls The Dice" by Darla - Fender Rhodes / Organ
"You Are Free" EP by Nu Beginnings - E
"Darla Comes Alive Vol.2" by Darla - Keyboards
"Soarin'" by Tracey Preston - E M


"Darla Comes Alive" by Darla - Keyboards
"Marmalade" EP by Cactus Karma - E M
"From Within" by Josh Miller - P E M
"Let Darla Be Darla!" by Darla- Keyboard, P E M
Mad Dragon Sessions for Fly Golden Eagle, Darla, and Kristin Diable -  E M (Kristin Diable)
"Darla Comes Alive!" by Darla - Keyboard
"Darla Forever!" by Darla - Keyboard, P  E M


“Movies! Movies! Movies!” by Darla – P E M
“Black and Blue” by The Drexel Fusion Band – M, Overdub Engineer
“Southern Dream” by Steady Hands (single) [Lame-O Records] – Asst. E
“Claire Sammut EP” by Claire Sammut – Asst. E
“Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions” by W.C. Lindsay [Big Footprints Records] – Asst. E
“Soul Searcher” by Dan Reardon – Drum Engineer
“Now and Loud EP” by Brightside – Drum and Bass Engineer