Michael Morrongiello

Michael Morrongiello has edited, performed, arranged and mixed on dozens of projects in the Philadelphia area. Coming off of a decade of experience in bands as a bassist and songwriter, Mike joined Drexel’s music industry program pursuing an MBA. In bands he has toured the continental US, raising money for cancer and other charities. In Fall of 2013 he cofounded Darla Hood Productions, and this collaboration has four upcoming releases under its belt already. Comfortable in a variety of genres, Mike’s ability to juggle duties as an artist, engineer and producer keeps him on call.

Credits: Producer, Engineer, Mix


"From Within" by Josh Miller - Bass, 

"Let Darla Be Darla!" by Darla - Bass, P E M

"Ooh La La" by Kelley Plante - Bass, P E M

"First Try EP" by The Monday Special- Bass

Mad Dragon Sessions for Fly Golden Eagle, Darla, Kelley Plante and Kristin Diable - E

"Anxiety" [Single] by Twiin - E M

“Sleepover” [Single] by Twiin – E M

Mad Dragon Session for Darla - Bass

"Darla Comes Alive!" by Darla - Bass, P E M

"Darla Forever!" by Darla - Bass, P E M

“Stars” by LektroMelodica – Editing, E


“EP TBA” by Heads on Sticks – Bass, P

“Monarch” [Single] by Dreamspeaker – P E M

“Movies! Movies! Movies!” by Darla – Bass, Wurlitzer, Piano, P M

“Canadia, PA” by Elisa Money – P E M

“Plainview” by Plainview – Bass, Editing

“EP TBA” by Samantha Lyons – Bass


“Honestly” by Kerry Michelle Mac – Bass, P


“Somewhere Between Here and There” by SHMNS – Bass

“Alice and the RV” by Alice and the RV – Bass