Richard Straub

Photo by Evan Chapman

Photo by Evan Chapman

Richard Straub is one of the founding members of Darla Hood Productions and has been an active member of the Philadelphia Music Scene since arriving at Drexel University in 2011. He has had the privilege of studying under drumming greats such as Billy Rymer from the Dillinger Escape Plan and Dan Gluszak from Envy on the Coast, Times of Grace and Heavy English. Richard joined Darla Hood Productions during its formation and has since become the company’s house drummer and business manager. Aside from session work Richard is a member of several Philadelphia bands including touring national bands W. C. Lindsay, Steady Hands and Darla. His experience on the road gives him a rounded insight on all aspects of the music industry.


"From Within" by Josh Miller - Drums, Engineering

"I Dare You" by Raina Mullen - Drums

"Let Darla Be Darla!" by Darla - Drums

"Ooh La La" by Kelley Plante - Drums

"First Try EP" by The Monday Special- Drums

"On Tap" by 8 to the Bar - Engineering

Mad Dragon Session for Darla - Drums

"Darla Comes Alive!" by Darla - Drums

"Darla Forever!" by Darla - Drums


“EP TBA” by Heads on Sticks – Drums

“Movies! Movies! Movies!” by Darla – Drums

“Canadia, PA” by Elisa Money – Drums

“Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions” by W.C. Lindsay – Drums

“Soul Searcher” by Dan Reardon – Drums

“EP TBA” by Samantha Lyons – Drums

“Monarch” [Single] by Dreamspeaker - Drums



“Cool” [single] by Kerry Michelle Mac – Drums

“Southern Dream” by Steady Hands – Drums

“Demos” by Dead Tricks – Drums

“Around Your Love” by Aaron Deming – Drums



“Somewhere Between Here and There” by SHMNS – Drums

“Wake Up” by Lost Weekend – Drums, P E M