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Wil Schade immersed himself in the Philly music scene upon coming to Drexel in the Fall of 2013.  He spent his formative years studying jazz saxophone under Tony Salicandro (Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet) and Matthew Schwartz (Philadelphia Slick) and he quickly became part of the Darlahood team in January of 2014 as a saxophonist.   Wil is a multi-instrumentalist session musician who has played on multiple Darlahood projects as well as others.  He is also the booking director for Drexel’s radio station, WKDU 91.7FM.  In addition to his session work and radio involvement, he is a member of Darla (sax), Risky Biscuit (sax), and Mike Pays Heat (bass).  



“Darla Forever!” by Darla – Sax

"Ooh La La" by Kelley Plante -  Sax and Keys

"Zanzibar Blue" by Mark Meezy - Sax

"Darla Comes Alive!" by Darla - Sax

"Collapsed Lung" by Minor Setbacks - Production

"Skinny Dip" by Skinny Dip - Production

"I Dare You" by Raina Mullen - Keys

"Untitled" by Aaron Deming - Keys

"Let Darla Be Darla!" by Darla - Keys


“Pipe Down” by Mike Pays Heat – Bass and Keys

“Movies! Movies! Movies!” by Darla – Sax

“Canadia, PA” by Elisa Money – Sax

“Grand Theft Milk” by Risky Biscuit – Sax and Keys

“Chronicle of Sound” by Mad Dragon Studios – Sax

“Relaxatives” by Mike Pays Heat – Bass and Keys

“Headspace” by Mike Pays Heat – Bass

“TBA” by Kelley Plante – Sax and Keys